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Come on baby, light my fire!

In Flight
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poetry begins from herstory.

let me, let me, let me tell you mine.
activism, aesthetics, agitate, ambigously gay poets, angry brown homos, angry feminists, anime, anti-homophobia, anti-poverty, anti-racism, artsy girls, arundhati roy, astrology, astronomy, autobiography, avant-garde, being a stranger, being loved, bikini kills, boards of canada, brian ferneyhough, burlesque, c.s lewis, camera obscura, cameras, challenging truth, charm, children's lit, classical music, cooking, cooking with friends, crafts, creating change, culture, culture from the margins, cunts, david bowie, de-bunking myths, de-bunking white, diaspora literature, dionne brand, diy culture, diy everything, dorks, dub music, dyke march, enigmatic people, environmentalism, everyday resistance, experimental artists, experimental arts, experimental music, fairies, fairy tales, falling in love, fanfiction, fashion, feminism, femmeslash, fencing, films, final fantasy, finding truth through story-telling, fine arts, food, funny people, girl-watching, glam rock, guerilla theatre, haircuts from friends, hand puppets, hats, hidden camera, holding hands, homi bhabha, indie music, indonesia, indonesian artists, intelligent people, jakarta, jeanette winterson, joanna newsom, k'naan, kids on tv, kung-fu films, kurt vonnegut, ladyfest, le tigre, literature, love, making up songs, manga, meeting strangers, montreal, music, natural hygiene products, negotiating space, negotiating truth, nerds, noise music, obscure arts, ocean, outdoor, pablo neruda, photography, piano, piercings, pj harvey, politics, polka dots, post-colonial artists, post-colonial studies, queer artists, queer artists of colour, queer culture, queer indonesia, queer politics, queer theories, quiet revolution, quietly spoken beauty, rants, resisting, rhymes, robert frank, sailor moon, sarah harmer, sex, shoes, sigur ros, soft pink truth, soy milk, speaking from the margins, spoken words, stars, story-telling, summer, sun, talib kweli, tattoos, theresa hak kyung cha, thrift shopping, tori amos, travelling, underground hip-hop, vegetarian, vintage, whispering secrets to nature, writing secret love notes, xiu xiu, zines