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Time:11:21 am
Who wants to go on a date w/ me tonite, @ 4:45pm to see a film at bytowne called 'caramel'? please come!
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Time:10:54 am
does anyone have any articles relating feminism, women of colour, and environmentalism? i am doing a 1.5 hrs workshop (short, i know!) on feminism and environmentalism. i have few articles on aboriginal women and women of colour and their experiences w/ forced sterilization, as well as several articles on aboriginal ppl being over-represented on the hiv/aids epidemic. i need few more articles along the same veins as those....maybe women of colour & vegetarianism? i have an article but it's painfully academic.

thanx if anyone could help!
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Subject:happy w/ myself
Time:10:57 am
i think it's been awhile since i feel like this, but,
i feel pretty happy w/ myself. it's true that i haven't accomplished all of the things that i want to, but i was thinking earlier 2day that when they say '...at least u have yr health!', it's so completely true. when i was young, i used to be so sickly that i would be in the hospital pretty often, so i never did school all that well 'cuz of it. i am happy about my body image, i am happy that i am (mostly) healthy, and i actually like how i look lately, even w/o my usual parade of hats. lately, i even liked the way i look in my only pair of grey jeans, which is pretty cool considering i hate jeans!
i'm glad that i feel like this at the start of 2008. i feel pretty confident that this year will be so much better than 2007, the shit year of my life.
also, i've been reading 'half of a yellow sun', and i really like it so far!
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Time:09:47 am
someone pls take me on a date to see 'Sweeney Todd'.
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Subject:another rant about winter boots
Time:07:54 pm
fuck, the ottawa winter is really getting to me, in particular regarding to my battle w/ my boots. i know i've complained about it in my last post, but i am totally aggravated/crushed by what the winter is doing to my boots. i used to be so impractical about winter even 'tho i've lived in ottawa for close to twelve yrs (fuck, i need to get outta here!), b/c i've always hated how ugly winter boots were. vain, i know, but it was true. not to mention that most of them were made w/ leathers. i generally don't like to buy leathers unless they r second hand. so when i bought my boots 3 yrs ago, i totally fell in love @ first sight. it was warm, practical, water-proof, vegetarian, and pretty. now the fucking salt is killing my baby! fuck, supposedly even winnipeg uses sand to prevent slippery ice instead of salt, and if winnipeg can do that, why can't ottawa?! if my boots died on me, then i doubt i could really replace it anymore. it's made by a small swedish company, and i couldn't find my boots in their catalogue anymore. even if i leave ottawa, if i still live in canada, i would always need a good pair of winter boots, so what ottawa winter is doing is like chopping my right hand.
in other news, i am totally addicted w/ another television show, this time dexter. i am almost caught up w/ season 2 and i kept worrying about what would happen to dexter. i even had nightmare about it last nite!

i know that u may think that i have nothing going on for me except my boots and television shows, and lately it's been kinda true, but not always! i am still keeping up w/ my violin lessons....
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Subject:Inside Out Film Festival coming to Ottawa!
Time:03:30 pm
Ottawa-Gatineau LGBT Film and Video Festival
October 25 – 28, 2007

Get your tickets and plan your outfits, Inside Out is ready to make a
Capital splash! You’ve waited long enough for the best of queer cinema, so
get your tickets fast for the sure-to-sell-out opening night presentations:
Sugar Rush (UK) and Shelter (USA). With your opening night ticket, you get a
special invitation to a VIP Reception, sponsored by FIDO, OutTV, Jer’s
Vision, Mexicali Rosa’s and Capital Xtra.

As a special Halloween treat, we bring you the Canadian Premiere of
Poltergay from France starring Julie Depardieu and French heartthrob Clovis
Cornillac. And let’s not forget all the prize-winning features and shorts
from Sundance, Toronto and Berlin International Film Festivals and, of
course, Inside Out’s 2007 Toronto edition! Keep your eyes out for the
special pull-out festival guide in the upcoming issue of Capital Xtra.

There are three convenient ways to purchase your tickets and support this
new queer cultural event!


Arts Court
2 Daly Avenue / (613) 564-7240 / Open until 11PM everyday!

Venus Envy
320 Lisgar Street / (613) 789-4646


Capital XTRA (Founding Media Sponsor / Commanditaire fondateur) and FIDO
(Lead Sponsor / Commanditaire principal)
Pink Triangle Services, Jer’s Vision, Ottawa Art Gallery, Artengine, SAW
Video, Venus Envy, The Lookout Bar, AIDS Committee of Ottawa, Buzz
Restaurant, Agitate! Queer Women of Color Collective, Divergence Movie
Night, Industry Images, Here TV, OutTV, Rideau Inn, Mexicali Rosa’s and
McAuslan Breweries
Presented in association with the Canadian Film Institute / Présenté en
association avec L’Institut canadien du film

Festival ScheduleCollapse )
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Time:09:09 am
's too bad u were too busy w/ all of yr friends
last nite
i wanted to ask u to give me my heart back
u never returned it
along w/ all of my things i left in yr house
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Time:05:33 pm
Whooo, it's that time of the year again! Take back the night! all of my female-identified friends who will be in Ottawa on Thursday sept. 20th should try to come, if they could. all of my male-identified friends should also come if they could, except that they really need to respect the march and march behind all of the women, or watch the march on the sideline and cheer us on!! read for the deets below!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 4th, 2007

Ottawa, Ontario. Take Back The Night is on September 20th, 2007. This
year will mark the 29th Anniversary of this event.
This year's commemoration will start with a rally at 6:30 PM at the Women's
Monument (Elgin and Gilmour) where, at least four keynote speakers will
speak up against violence against women. This will be followed by a march
in the streets, and an interactive info fair at Ottawa City Hall at 7:45 PM.

Women and their supporters are invited to come out in numbers and
participate in this event. There will be accessible transportation
available for those who have need for it. Refreshments will be served at
City Hall following the rally, and march. The info fair will feature Ottawa
community service providers-a great opportunity for community members to
learn about various services in Ottawa. There will also be a lot of
entertainment at the rally and at the info fair, so come out and enjoy this

The first Take Back The Night events in Canada took place in Ottawa,
Vancouver, and Halifax in 1978. Since then, Canadian women have joined the
marches as a way of experiencing, for at least one night, the freedom of
women walking together without the threat or fear of violence. These events
celebrate women's diversity, visibility and strength. As Diana, a twenty one
year old Ottawa woman comments, "I have come to these marches since I was
five years old, it gives me hope that one day, women will not live in the
fear of violence. "
For further information contact:
Valerie Collicot, Women's Events Network, 613-230-6700,
Concillia Muonde, Public Education Coordinator, Sexual Assault Support
Centre of Ottawa, 613-725-2160 ext 233, publiced@istar.ca
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Subject:Final Fantasy
Time:10:28 pm
hey people,
please help me! i bought a final fantasy ticket for the show on thursday, april 12th at black sheeps inn, and now my work is sending me to bc for a week to do work, so i can no longer go to this show. would anyone want it?? it's selling for $12, but u could have it for $8 if u want. heck, as long as this ticket isn't getting wasted, u could even make me an offer on the price.

ok, if u have any question at all, or if u want to buy the ticket, let me know!
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Time:09:40 pm
crying is sometime the best way to realize all of the good things that are going on in yer life. don't u think? i mean, it doesn't have to be about someone dying or whatnot, u could just cry 'cuz u haven't had a good cry in awhile, or maybe 'cuz yer old friend didn't msn u even 'tho she was online when u were online, or maybe 'cuz u couldn't find a job yet, or whatever. or maybe 'cuz u read a particularly mushy romantic femmeslash fanfiction, 'n u were in agony of the fact that u could never tell this secret to anyone else. honestly. just a good 'ole cry. like patsy cline always did before she goes to sleep.
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